"I felt and looked amazing at my wedding."

- Lauren A.

“This was probably one of the BEST experiences I have had. First and foremost, Arthur is not your typical trainer. In addition to the hardcore training sessions (that left me sore for days every time!), he truly believes in working with his clients to understand that it’s not just about the training sessions. The whole experience made me realize it was about making lifestyle changes and getting into the right mindset to be motivated to make changes. I was able to see amazing results and have never felt better. I couldn’t believe my progress, and achieved everything I was hoping for and more. On top of being tough on me, Arthur has an infectious personality - so motivating, so determined, and so friendly (except when you aren’t trying your hardest!!). I used to hate working out, but ALWAYS looked forward to my sessions with Arthur. I cannot vouch for him enough! He does everything he can to help you reach your workout goals, and made each workout exciting with his high energy and by always switching things up. He expects determination and hard work, and is there to support you all the way!” 

- Alisha M.

"When we first reached out to Arthur, we told him we had some “happy weight” we wanted to lose before our wedding. Not only did Arthur help both of us shed unwanted pounds and look great for our wedding day, he developed a holistic plan involving workouts with him, workouts on our own, and easy lifestyle changes that made us feel strong, healthy and confident. We loved how we felt so much, that we’ve continued our weekly sessions even after our wedding! Arthur is the BEST!"

- Rebecca R.


"Working out with Arthur and my two sisters before my wedding was the highlight of my week. Our workouts were super challenging, but also so much fun! What I loved most about Arthur's workouts was that he personalized each session to focus on the specific areas I wanted to target before my wedding. I couldn't have been happier with my results!"

- Jordanna S.

"Making the decision to see Arthur was a real game changer! He inspired me to work hard in our sessions, eat well, and really go for it. I couldn't have gotten into the shape that I did without his help—literally, I needed his help to do those darn pull-ups! Not only did I see apparent and quick results, I always looked forward to our sessions together because I could always count on a challenging and exciting hour peppered with lots of laughter!"

- Roxy K.

"Where do I even begin! I would have never thought that I would enjoy going to the gym. Thanks to Arthur Kiyaga I looked forward to each and every workout - he truly loves what he does and it’s infectious! He is a one of a kind guy who will get you into serious shape all while having the best time but he’s no pushover - so no getting out of those squats! He has a heart of gold with a big dash of sass! Thanks Arthur for getting my assets into shape!"

- Alanna P.

"Arthur is the BEST. I’ve worked with other personal trainers before and I’ve never had such amazing results or fun in the process. From the beginning he was so supportive and kept pushing me to work my hardest, while always making me laugh. I never thought I could look the way I do now and that is all thanks to Arthur. I would 100% recommend him to any bride before their big day. That extra work pays off and I now actually enjoy working out and staying fit." 

- Michelle L.

"It was the best thing we could have done. We lead busy lives, so it was fun to do an activity together during the week. With the help of Arthur’s encouragement and genuine commitment to my goals, I felt beautiful (and confident!) on our wedding day... and honeymoon! Arthur somehow makes hard core workouts fun and without realizing it, I was in the best shape of my life leading up to our wedding."

- Jaime B.


"Arthur keeps it fun and EVERYONE said I looked amazing at my wedding."

- Alison K.

"If you want to die painfully — do it! Haha… No, no! It was Awesome!"

- Tali O.


"Arthur's got it - it's about changing your mindset."

- The Bridechilla Podcast

Clients Mira & Mike via Weddingbells magazine

Clients Mira & Mike via Weddingbells magazine

"Arthur made me feel and look amazing! I have more energy and have gone from someone who FEARS the gym to someone who looks forward to my weekly workouts. Arthur is inspiring and high-energy and an absolute pleasure to work out with. He genuinely cares and works hard to bring you to your fullest potential."

- Marissa D.

"Arthur took my workouts to a whole new level, pre and post wedding. His workouts are killer and he will push you to your max. Arthur always makes sure I can't talk my way out of that extra set of burpees and checks in on me between sessions to make sure I was following his scheduled plans. I can't imagine working out with anyone else!"

- Alanna H.

"Training with Arthur for my wedding was fantastic. He got me feeling the best I have ever felt. It was also a great way to carve out some "me" time with all the chaos of wedding planning (on top of everything else life throws at you). I couldn't have done it on my own, and now I have the tools I need to keep going. Thank you, Arthur!"

- Alex F-W.

I realized my attitude and mood has changed drastically. After the wedding, I sort of fell into a slump and became extremely unmotivated to do anything. After each training session I am so much more positive and productive, not only that but I feel great about my body. I know this probably doesn't get conveyed through all my whining and complaining when I see you but I am so appreciative for the last 3 weeks.

- Stephanie Y.

"I felt and looked amazing at my wedding. My husband and I had very busy schedules but this was something we were able to do together."

- Lauren A.

"I couldn't believe how good I looked. I never saw THESE type of changes in my body before."

- Allison S.


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