There’s 2 big mistakes brides-to-be make when it comes to fitness.

And they prevent them from wearing their dream wedding dress.

But don’t worry.

If you’re making them:

  1. Underestimating TIME

  2. Overestimating FEAR

…there’s a quick and easy fix for each of them!


MISTAKE #1: Brides-to-be underestimate TIME

You put your wedding date in your calendar. And in your head you're like…

“Oh my god it’s so far away but I’ll start working out next weekend”

“I finally have a reason to try P90X”

“I should find a trainer”


You end up flipping through hours worth of wedding magazines and beauty blogs, continually saying, “I don’t have enough time to workout”. And when you try to start, you have no idea where to begin.

Crash diets and treadmill excursions might appear attractive when the day gets closer.

BUT remember this...

Last minute decisions, reality finally sinking in, friends taking their sweet time to RSVP, constant photo requests and honeymoon packing will make the final 2 weeks AND the day of your wedding very STRESSFUL.

I’ve seen it.

Working out like a maniac multiple times a day and dramatically reducing calories will leave you with ZERO ENERGY AND PATIENCE to enjoy one of the best moments of your life.


Quick Fix #1: Start EARLY!

How early?

90 days. Minimum.

Your current fitness habits were developed over years.

...and THAT’S OK!

But thinking you’ll correct them overnight is unrealistic. Brides DON’T decide what their wedding body looks like. Brides decide what they do today. And what they do today dictates how they’ll look and feel on their wedding day.


Mistake #2: Brides-to-be overestimate FEAR

You put off exercising because you think you’re not fit enough to start.

“I can’t even do a pushup”  

“I die after 2 minutes on the treadmill”

“Group classes remind me of gym class and I hate falling behind”

Here’s the truth.

Even when the fittest of the fit take a week or two off - what they once found “easy”, suddenly becomes challenging.


Don’t beat yourself up OR let your fear of starting at the bottom EVER hold back your wedding dreams.

Quick Fix #2: Go slow to go fast!

If you can only do 2 pushups today - that’s perfectly fine. Just commit to doing 3 tomorrow! If 10 is easy, double up the next day or spice it up with spiderman pushups.

If running (treadmill or outdoors) kills you, grab your headphones and jog for the duration of your favourite song. Aim for 2 songs the next day and so on... In 2 months, you’ll comfortably make it through the entire album.

Fear and anxiety are simply signs that you are moving in the right direction. Just take a deep breath, put on your workout clothes and go to the gym, track or exercise class.

Your ceremony will be filled with so much love. Start today by being fearless and you’ll be the most fit, toned and confident version of yourself on the most memorable day of your life.


I believe in you.


Your GetWeddingFit Coach,