If you're looking to wear a strapless wedding dress that highlights your toned arms and defined back, and doesn't show any armpit bulge...


Any workout that avoids injuries can be tweaked to have more pros than cons.

But YOU have limited time, friends who haven't rsvp'd, bridesmaids that need gifts, wedding photo anxiety, a scale that won't move and a honeymoon to pack for.

Spinning is best served for YOUR OFF DAYS.


Here's why... 

1. It’s TERRIBLE for the Bridal Trifecta!

Spinning classes such as Cyc Fitness and SoulCycle provide dumbbells to perform arm exercises as you ride. Whether that’s innovative or unsafe, it clearly highlights the fact that your bridal trifecta (arms, back & shoulders) isn’t get the love it needs.

2. Your weight WON’T drop!

Scales lie and tell the truth at the same time -- you’ll lose body fat but gain lean muscle by spinning. Your body constantly adapts to everything you throw at it. It wants to be efficient and conserve the most energy possible. Because resistance is where the “magic” happens in spinning, your legs recruit and build additional muscle fibers to provide the energy source needed to power through the intense hill climbs.  And because muscle weighs more than fat, the new tone and definition in your legs won’t drop the number on the scale.

3. The calories you burn STOP!

According to Harvard Health, a 155-pound person peddling vigorously will burn 391 calories in 30 minutes. But once you stop sweating and step off the bike, your body won’t burn more calories.


Brides-To-Be should DO THIS instead:

Metabolic Resistance Training

You will love MRT because...

As you sleep, eat or even finalize the details for your wedding day, your body is STILL working and burning calories!

Your body needs to replenish its ENERGY, convert LACTIC ACID that's produced during exercise into GLUCOSE, and restore your blood hormone levels after a MRT (metabolic resistance training) session. This assembly line of actions forces your bridal trifecta (and entire body) to tone, burn calories and fat up to 48 hours after.

Not only have I seen this work successfully with my GWF clients, celebrity trainer Charles Poliquin got fitness model Chrissy May to drop from 15% body fat to 9% in just 3 weeks for her Oxygen Magazine photoshoot. And after hearing complaints of their bottom half and weight, A-List trainers Tracey Anderson and Harley Pasternak have also instructed their clients to get off the bike!

My most recent GWF bride, Allison

My most recent GWF bride, Allison

Allison's good friend, Allison after training with me

Allison's good friend, Allison after training with me

Allison reached out to me after seeing how amazing her good friend looked at her wedding from GWF. Allison has an extremely demanding career, yet found time to exercise frequently and hard. She LOVED the music and high energy of spinning but was slightly falling short of her wedding goals.

I made her focus on ONLY 3 things:

1. A smoothie every morning

2. PAM (Pro Athlete Method)

3. Outdoing yesterday


  • She didn’t have to count calories

  • She didn’t have to overthink her other meals

  • She couldn’t workout everyday because of her job and wedding planning

  • She lived in a condo with a very small gym

  • She feared weights would make her look “manly”


...and a morning smoothie, PAM (Pro Athlete Method), and outdoing yesterday became her ONLY concern.


The Pro Athlete Method is simple big picture thinking.

Anyone paid to play a sport is in phenomenal shape. But most sports require different training methods. The muscle memory patterns needed to bike are not the same as those used to swim, throw, jump or sprint. Most forms of training provide a great cardio workout but the skeletal muscles used have little carryover - thus reflecting in the different athlete body types.

In other words: I had Allison think of the ideal professional athlete whose body she most wanted to resemble. Then we reversed engineered from there.

Initially she questioned and HATED me! (Haha)

But at her bachelorette party, her bridesmaids were enviously looking at her abs. And at her wedding all her family and friends we’re amazed at how great her arms and entire body looked in her beautiful strapless dress.

I’d LOVE to show you how spinning (much) less and MRT will have you wearing the dress you want -- not the one you have to settle for.

But for now, download my FREE guide to tone your arms fast.

There's a bonus wedding arm workout and meal guide included just for you.

Comment below or email me at arthur@getweddingfit.ca and let me know how it goes!