Solution 1 - Box breathing.

Solution 2 - More sex.

During our text convos and post-workout stretches around the “4-weeks to wedding” mark, I always notice an increase in my GWF client’s anxiety.

But there’s also a DRASTIC decrease in their energy, eating discipline and sleep quality.

...and I (like everyone else) realized that ALL brides-to-be need one thing:


Brides-to-be have less sex and don’t breathe properly when wedding anxiety bangs on their door.

YES to I DO is an exciting and stressful road:

  • venue booking

  • friends taking their sweet time to rsvp

  • wedding photo anxiety

  • packing for your honeymoon

  • bridal party gift shopping

Understanding and preparing for the speed bumps and detours is HOW YOU STAY CALM.


Solution 1 - Box breathing.

The navy seals use this in the most hostile environments, so I know it’ll work for you

  1. Put your right hand on your stomach
  2. Close your mouth
  3. Inhale for 4 seconds through YOUR NOSE
  4. Hold air in for 4 seconds
  5. Exhale slowly for 4 seconds out YOUR MOUTH
  6. Repeat 4 times

(Make sure you inhale through your nose - it puts the oxygen into your ENTIRE belly and diaphragm. Breathing through your mouth only gets air into your upper lunges.)

Box breathing should be done ANYTIME your wedding preparations get under your skin. It’s quick, simple and IMMEDIATELY puts you in control whenever you’re out of control. Once (and only once) your body is relaxed, your mind can get back to thinking of amazing you’ll look on your wedding day, all the compliments you’ll get, and how beautiful the venue will be.

Instant benefits include:

  • slows heart rate
  • calms nerves and anxiety
  • lowers blood pressure
  • slightly works the chest and abdominals muscles
  • boost energy


Short & choppy = ANXIOUS (out of control)

Deep & slow = CALM (in control)

Solution 2 - More sex.

Unlike box breathing, this can’t be done anywhere

I mean it can, but… (LOL) - let’s just focus on the benefits.

Intimate, intense sex (under duress) can actually DECREASE the physical symptoms of stress and also help lower your blood pressure. The affectionate contact of your partner is often all you need when your world seems to be falling apart.

Here’s the truth…

Your passion and energy are among the (many) reasons your partner chose you. But whenever your wedding preparations get the best of your emotions (AND THEY WILL) you need to quickly defuse the situation.

In other words - slow down to go fast!

Be both the tortoise AND the hare. Sometimes you have to rattle the cage to get things done because wedding deadlines are no joke. But 100 wedding tasks, can ONLY be completed 1 wedding task at a time.

Here are 3 other solutions for your wedding prep stress:

1. Hot/Cold (contrast) Shower

After washing your hair and body, stand under the shower head and turn the water as hot as you can handle for 40 seconds. Then immediately put it as cold as you can handle for 40 secs. Repeat 5 times.


2. Frozen Bottle Foot Massage

Fill a plastic water bottle ¾ of the way with water. Freeze it and use it frozen over a towel after a workout or long stressful day to roll the bottoms of your feet!

3. Upside Down Wall Sit (5 mins)

Yup! Just like it sounds…

Let me know in the comments below which solution you found the most helpful with your wedding preparation stress!

To your health and happiness.

Your wedding fit coach,